Only Planet Cabaret playing a Pull Together show in Nanaimo

The Only Planet Cabaret is a unique collaboration of 5 Salt Spring Island artists sharing a journey through story-telling, poetry, music and theatre.

It’s been 44 years since the first Earth Day and the oceans are more acidic than ever, more species have gone extinct more rapidly than ever before, and carbon levels in the atmosphere have shot up above 400 parts per million. So, The Only Planet Cabaret says — It’s time to unleash the Power of Poetry and Song!

The Only Planet Cabaret is a unique collaboration between five Salt Spring Island writers, performers, musicians and activists, who bring together passionate singing and songwriting, intimate story-telling, penetrating performance poetry and exuberant musical theater. It’s all woven into a running commentary on current environmental crises that gives voice to our unspoken fears and doubts, hopes and inner strengths.

In the course of the performance, hope meets denial; despair meets awestruck wonder; and complacency meets commitment. You will find yourself taken on a journey full of questions where the only answers are the ones you discover for yourself.


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