Peach and Quiet: A last minute addition to Festival Afloat, and it was a beautiful thing

On the sixth and final day of RAVEN’s Festival Afloat 2023, due to unforeseen circumstances, we found ourselves without a musician to perform on Pender Island. Luckily, our brilliant crew and new friends aboard the Providence were able to make some calls and quickly put together two acts, including local folk band Peach and Quiet.

Both knee deep in office work on that Friday afternoon, Heather Read and Jonny Miller didn’t expect to get a phone call asking them if they wanted to perform on a tall ship that night in Port Browning Marina. They didn’t have much time to hum and haw. The gig being a fundraiser for Heiltsuk Nation definitely helped solidify their participation and within the hour they were at the dock boarding the Providence.

Years ago Heather visited Bella Bella — the lands and waters that Heitlsuk people call home. While there she felt a deep appreciation for the territory and the Peoples who cared for it. “Seeing the majestic orcas and the pristine forests actually gave me a renewed sense of hope in the world,” says Heather.

Being a part of Festival Afloat was a rather serendipitous way for Peach and Quiet to show their support for the Heiltsuk Nation after the Nathan E. Stewart oil spill in their waters in 2016. 

Both Jonny and Heather are grateful to Heitsuk for the work they are doing to protect and restore the lands and waters. “This legal challenge is important regardless of the outcome. It models courageous behaviour. We all need to take that in and remember it is possible to be courageous.” says Heather. 
Check out Peach and Quiets album, Beautiful Thing, released earlier this year and their other music here:

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