Peaks Not Pipelines: Walker to set out on trek for Pull Together

We’re excited to share Celia Walker’s awesome fundraising story! This Master’s Graduate in Public Health is taking on the Sunshine Coast Trail to fundraise for Pull Together: read about her reasons for walking, and support her by donating here:

Last year the federal government approved the construction of the Kinder Morgan’s trans mountain pipeline project from Alberta to British Columbia’s coast to ultimately ship three times the existing tar sands crude oil to international markets. Why this sucks-

1. this is a grand step backwards in our efforts as a country to combat climate change and transition away from a fossil fuel dependent economy towards a green, sustainable future

2. the pipeline is projected to tear through unceded territories of indigenous nations and as history precedes itself, indigenous peoples were in no way adequately consulted and consent to go through with the expansion was not obtained

3. with an increase of tanker traffic from 60 to 400 tankers in Vancouver’s harbour, the risk of an oil spill is not a matter of “if” it is a matter or when, putting at risk the health of B.C residents and its wildlife and well as coast dependent jobs in fishing and tourism

I could go on and on and on……. and I will which is why I have decided that this year for my annual walk challenge to participate in the Pull Together campaign, a beautiful collaboration of concerned people, businesses and community groups who are standing with First Nations to fund their legal case against the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. It is expensive to go to court, especially when up against multinational giants that are gravely benefiting from this capitalist world where money = power, which is why we need your financial help and support.


I’ve decided this year I would step it up a gear. Or three. Instead of walking a ridiculous distance over one day, I have decided to walk a ridiculous distance over THREE! Or rather, hike a ridiculous distance, 90KM over three days on the Sunshine Coast Trail. Watch me November 3-6 via instagram/facebook live walking the walk along BC’s beautiful coastline showing what is so incredibly worth fighting for.

After this crazy year of worldly travels, completing my masters in Global Health, contemplating what it I feel it truly means to be a Canadian and the settler responsibility attached… I have come to feel more deeply than ever that it is in our privilege and responsibility to ACT on behalf of the indigenous peoples of Canada whose voices continue to be silenced, take initiative on a personal level what you claim on a political one, fight the urge to grow complacent to challenges that feel so out of reach, and to pull together in pursuit of a shared future.

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