Pledge Justice for Breathing Lands Nations!

A powerful alliance of First Nations is joining forces to protect life giving lands and waters in northern Ontario.

In an area known as the Breathing Lands, ten Indigenous Nations are pressing for co-jurisdiction in Treaty No.9 territory.

Their strategic treaty-rights case aims at protecting the largest intact boreal forest in the world: soaked with freshwater bogs, the territories known by local Indigenous peoples as ‘the Breathing Lands” are as globally significant as the Amazon rainforest as a carbon storehouse. 

Sign the Pledge and let the allied Nations know that you support them as a Breathing Lands protector. 


Pledges will be delivered to:


Chief June Black

Apitipi Anicinapek 

cc's of your message will be sent to :

Office of the Honourable Marc Miller
Minister of Indigenous Services

Ontario Premier Doug Ford

"We are grateful for your leadership as you take to the courts to protect the Breathing Lands.  I am adding my voice to offer my encouragement and support as you go to court to protect your people,  your lands and your waters."