Stand with Neskantaga Nation

Ontario is in a rush to develop the controversial Ring of Fire. Now, Neskantaga Nation stand in the path of that mining expansion, demanding their rights be respected after decades of government neglect.


After 25 years without clean water, Neskantaga are headed to court to carry out their duty to protect the Attawapiskat River watershed. The Anishinaabe Nation are challenging the government over the major mining road being built to the “Ring of Fire”, which will fragment intact boreal ecosystems and bisect their territory.

While hundreds of millions of dollars are being mustered for the complex mining infrastructure, the stewards of the lands and waters of this boreal region have been persistently denied the basic necessities of life.  Small, remote, but determined: Neskantaga need to know they have allies in their struggle.

Sign the Pledge and let Neskantaga Nation know that you stand with them in their legal action. 

"We are grateful for your leadership as you take to the courts to protect the water and the health of your community. I am adding my voice to offer my encouragement and support as you go to court to protect your people,  your lands and your waters."

“This continued water crisis goes beyond boiling contaminated water. The bigger issue is that people’s basic fundamental human rights are being contravened and continually ignored.” — Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler