PODCAST: Fostering Care with Bryant Doradea

Today on RAVEN (De)Briefs we’re talking with Bryant Doradea — HK aka Higher Knowledge. He’s a youth worker, activist and multimedia artist who joined RAVEN first for the Canned Salmon festival in 2021, and most recently brought his storytelling and teachings through hip hop  to our Vancouver Festival Afloat concert.

As we celebrate the landmark settlement of Cindy Blackstock’s class action lawsuit, we’re taking a look at kids in foster care. There are, right now, more Indigenous kids in the social welfare system than were ever at residential school at any given time. It’s a reality that has led many to observe that the foster care system IS the new residential school, for how it both pulls kids away from the land and their culture, and how it perpetuates the colonization of Indigenous families. 

Illuminating the path he’s taken, that  builds power — not in spite of, but from out of — the deep well of his own struggles, HK shares about how he uses his hard-won learnings to help Indigenous youth – in the inner city, on the ‘rez, and on the land. 

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