PODCAST: Meet the Gitxaała Challenge Intervenors.

It’s not every day that you get a chance to change the nature of big industries, like mining, but that’s what’s happening at the BC Supreme Court this April. On our third and final guest episode from the legal experts at Ng Ariss Fong, Ruben Tillman interviews legal counsels for two of the Nations who are intervening in Gitxaała Nation’s groundbreaking case, which takes aim at B.C.’s outdated and unjust Mineral Tenure Act

It’s been a long strange journey, from the fallout of a rogue mining company who despoiled sacred watersheds in Gitxaała territory to the assembling of a coalition of diverse yet committed intervenors who, one by one, have taken the stand to denounce the casual and discriminatory way mineral claims are handled in B.C. Protecting this one salmon-rich island, on B.C.’s north coast, is important enough: but if Gitxaała and their allies win, it will change mining regulations everywhere in B.C. 

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