RAVEN DeBriefs are conversations between Indigenous thinkers, legal experts, organizers and community leaders exploring the shifting legal landscape upon which moments of crisis — and opportunity — are built.

PODCAST: Fostering Care with Bryant Doradea

By Andrea Palframan | November 14, 2023

Today on the show we’re talking with Bryant Doradea — HK aka Higher Knowledge. HK shares about how he uses his hard-won learnings to help Indigenous youth – in the inner city, on the ‘rez, and on the land. 

PODCAST: Voices of Wood Buffalo: Guest Episode with Louise Romain

By Jamie-Leigh Gonzales | June 7, 2023

This episode of RAVEN (De)Briefs is featuring a special guest episode by Lou Romain, recorded during the UN Biodiversity Conference in Montreal this past winter.  This episode features the voices of Melody Lepine, Tori Cress, Daniel T’seleie and Paul Belanger, all recorded at a press conference organised by Environmental Defence Canada and Keepers of the…

PODCAST: Gitxaała Nation takes on the Mineral Tenure Act in B.C.

By Jamie-Leigh Gonzales | April 22, 2023

This episode of RAVEN Debriefs takes a look at how Gitxaała Nation is taking on the Mineral Tenure Act in B.C.

PODCAST: A different kind of mining company

By RAVEN | April 6, 2023

This episode of RAVEN Debriefs is a guest episode put together by Gitxaala’s legal team at Ng Ariss Fong.

PODCAST: Meet the Gitxaała Challenge Intervenors.

By RAVEN | April 6, 2023

This episode of RAVEN Debriefs is a guest episode put together by Gitxaala’s legal team at Ng Ariss Fong.

PODCAST: The Fight Against Big Mining: Guest Episode with Gitxaala Nation’s legal team

By Jamie-Leigh Gonzales | March 30, 2023

This episode of RAVEN Debriefs is a guest episode put together by Gitxaala’s legal team at Ng Ariss Fong.

PODCAST: The Constitution Express with Doreen Manuel

By Andrea Palframan | January 4, 2023

We sat down with Doreen Manuel, a Secwepemc filmmaker and one of the organizers of the historic Constitution Express.

PODCAST: Private Prosecutions of Indigenous Land Defenders

By Andrea Palframan | January 28, 2022

Welcome to the shady world of corporate injunctions and private prosecutions in B.C. It’s part of a new playbook being developed that throws generations of progress towards Indigenous rights — in the courts, and on the land — into jeopardy.

PODCAST: Cedar Sisters with Terri Lynn Williams Davidson

By Andrea Palframan | April 19, 2021

RAVEN Debriefs Podcast features Terri Lynn Williams Davidson – Haida lawyer and Indigenous legal visionary – in conversation and song.

From Bad Law to Restorative Justice with John Reilly

By Andrea Palframan | April 6, 2021

Raven is the only organization in Canada that’s expressly established to provide access to justice for indigenous Nations. RAVEN exists to level the playing field, so that when nations are up against very deep pockets of governments or corporations they have the financial staying power to see legal actions aimed at protecting their rights and…

Season 3, Episode 7

This episode of RAVEN (De)Briefs, we’re talking with Bryant Doradea — HK aka Higher Knowledge. He’s a youth worker, activist and multimedia artist who joined RAVEN first for the Canned Salmon festival in 2021, and most recently brought his storytelling and teachings through hip hop  to our Vancouver Festival Afloat concert . 

As we celebrate the landmark settlement of Cindy Blackstock's class action lawsuit, we're taking a look at kids in foster care. There are, right now, more Indigenous kids in the social welfare system than were ever at residential school at any given time. It’s a reality that has led many to observe that the foster care system IS the new residential school, for how it both pulls kids away from the land and their culture, and how it perpetuates the colonization of Indigenous families. 

Illuminating the path he's taken, that  builds power — not in spite of, but from out of — the deep well of his own struggles, HK shares about how he uses his hard-won learnings to help Indigenous youth - in the inner city, on the 'rez, and on the land. 


Season 3, Episode 6

Today we’re featuring a special guest episode by Lou Romain, recorded during the UN Biodiversity Conference in Montreal this past winter.
This episode features the voices of Melody Lepine, Tori Cress, Daniel T’seleie and Paul Belanger, all recorded at a press conference organised by Environmental Defence Canada and Keepers of the Water.
Fora like UN summits can be structured in very colonial ways: we are grateful to Lou Romain for weaving a tapestry of sound, grounding Indigenous teachings in birdsong, the voices of the river, and the breath of the wind.
The more-than-human voices are the Athabasca river and various animals are recordings from Wood Buffalo National Park: red-winged blackbird, Wilson's snipe, warbling vireo, bald eagle, western meadow lark, common loon, savannah sparrow, and sandhill crane.
Additional music is by Holizna CC0, Soft and Furious, and Loyalty Freak through the Free Music Archive; theme music is by Luke Wallace.

You can hear more of Lou’s work on her podcast, Our Voices on Climate Change; listen where ever you get your podcasts.

Season 3, Episode 5

On this episode of RAVEN (De)Briefs we're looking at the roots of Gitxaała Nation's court case challenging the outdated and unjust Mineral Tenure Act (MTA) in B.C.

Join host, Andrea Palframan, as she breaks down what the MTA is, and why we need to act in solidarity with Gitxaała Nation to reform mining in their territory, and all across B.C.

You'll hear from Chief Nees Hiwwas, Tara Marsden, and Jamie Kneen on this final instalment on the Gitxaała court case taking place throughout the month of April 2023.

Donate to support the cost of the legal challenge.

Season 3, Episode 4

It’s not every day that you get a chance to change the nature of big industries, like mining, but that’s what’s happening at the BC Supreme Court this April. On our third and final guest episode from the legal experts at Ng Ariss Fong, Ruben Tillman interviews legal counsels for two of the Nations who are intervening in Gitxaała Nation’s groundbreaking case, which takes aim at B.C.’s outdated and unjust Mineral Tenure Act. 

It’s been a long strange journey, from the fallout of a rogue mining company who despoiled sacred watersheds in Gitxaała territory to the assembling of a coalition of diverse yet committed intervenors who, one by one, have taken the stand to denounce the casual and discriminatory way mineral claims are handled in B.C. Protecting this one salmon-rich island, on B.C.’s north coast, is important enough: but if Gitxaała and their allies win, it will change mining regulations everywhere in B.C. 

Support this case by donating or fundraising online.

Season 3, Episode 3

Today on the podcast, we’ll hear from a different kind of mining company in B.C. First Tellerium are intervening in support of upholding First Nations’ Free Prior and Informed Consent over mining claims in their territories. 

In this guest episode, Ruben Tillman of Ng Ariss Fong interviews Tony Fogarassy, chairperson of First Tellurium Corp., about responsible mining in the age of UNDRIP. Hear from a mining company CEO how it’s good business to build relationships and get consent from First Nations before staking mineral claims. 

This is the second of three guest podcast episodes from the Ariss Fong team: we’re grateful to them as they put in long hours every day at BC Supreme Court this month, representing Gitxaała in court.

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Season 3, Episode 2

This April, Gitxaala Nation will be in court, pushing back against British Columbia’s outdated and unjust mining claims regime.  The case has garnered national attention as it is the first to put legislation based on implementing UNDRIP to the test.

As part of our work raising legal defence funds for Indigenous Nations, RAVEN gets to work with Nations like Gitxaala who are applying their own legal frameworks at the same time as expertly navigating colonial courts. Today on the podcast, we’ll hear about how those intersecting strategies come to life, from the powerhouse legal team of Ng Ariss Fong.

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Season 3, Episode 1

We sat down with Doreen Manuel, a Secwepemc filmmaker and one of the organizers of the historic Constitution Express. From her office at Capilano University where she mentors a new generation of Indigenous media producers, Manuel shared stories and personal reflections from what was one of the most important indigenous led movements, ever. 

Season 2, Bonus Episode

Private corporations with the power to police and jail peaceful land defenders. Oil and gas interests ordering the violent arrest of Indigenous peoples.

We'll dive into the shady world of corporate injunctions, lawsuits and prosecutions in this special bonus episode of RAVEN Debriefs, featuring guests Kai Nagata and Kris Statnyk.

Season 2, Episode 8

Terri-Lynn Williams Davidson – lawyer, singer, knowledge keeper and weaver of worlds. She hails from Haida Gwaii, a wild archipelago off of Canada’s west coast where bears, whales, otters and eagles all dwell in a lush coastal rainforest soaked in rain and salt water.

We asked Terri Lynn about her story – how she became the counsel for the Haida Nation- an expert in both Canadian common law AND in the indigenous laws of the Haida people. She talks about how she brought the stories and laws which she was raised with into the courtroom when her Nation challenged powerful logging interests in the landmark Haida case at the Supreme Court of Canada.

She also shares her perspectives on the defeat of Enbridge and on RAVEN’s role in bringing together 8 Indigenous Nations to fight – and beat – the tar sands pipeline and tankers project.

Season 2, Episode 7

Right now, across Turtle Island, we are experiencing a flowering of anti-racist activism. On the other hand, we still contend with a system where Indigneous Peoples make up 5% of the country’s population but more than 30% of the prison population. As an organization dedicated to seeking justice, RAVEN is joining the conversation about those gross inequalities. 

To begin, we reached out to Judge John Reilly, the bestselling author of Bad Law: Rethinking Justice for a Postcolonial Canada.     

Reilly’s 33 years of first-hand experience as an Alberta provincial court judge brings credibility to his call for the radical reform necessary to mend a broken justice system. 

Reilly has become an outspoken proponent of Indigenous legal frameworks, including restorative justice circles as an alternative to the punitive approach of Canada’s criminal courts. 

Season 2, Episode 6

For Part 3 in our series on Indigenous Foodways, we spoke with celebrated author, distinguished professor emeritus and outstanding botanist Nancy Turner. She shared her perspectives from the decades of work she’s done travelling around the Canadian west, writing dozens of books and articles and, most importantly, cultivating friendships with Indigenous knowledge keepers.

Turner combines a botanists’ understanding of classification and an ethnographers’ attunement to human culture. Here, she  reveals the intricacies of interspecies dynamics that form the basis of Indigenous People’s deep affinity to the lands and waters.

Season 2, Episode 5

For Part 2 in our series on Indigenous Foodways, we speak with Ed Jensen.

Just as his Nation embarks on an historic Title Action to assert Indigenous sovereignty over traditional territories that were never ceded through treaty, Jensen is involved in practicing, teaching and breathing life into Secwepemc hunting traditions. Grounded in Secwepemc laws that were taught to him by his uncles and grandfather, Jensen is bringing those traditions forward by teaching new generations of Indigenous - and non-indigenous - people about  stewardship practices grounded in reciprocity and respect. 

Season 2, Episode 4

For Part 1 in our series on Indigenous Foodways, we’re talking with Jess Housty, executive director of Q'qs Society,  from her kitchen in Bella Bella. Jess shares with us the story of her community’s Granny’s Gardens: an Indigenous food sovereignty project that is rooted within the traditions of Heiltsuk Nation on British Columbia’s central coast.

Season 2, Episode 3

Our guest on this episode is pioneering human rights lawyer and trailblazer on the path to Indigenous sovereignty, Dr. Judith Sayers. We spoke with Judith just as her community was reeling from the violent murder of Chantal Moore at the hands of police. Hear from participants in the Indigenous Justice Summit who gathered in the wake of Chantal Moore’s killing.

Sayers also shares her perspectives on Indigenous power generation; as President of Clean Energy BC, she is leading the wave of Indigenous solar, wind and run-of-river producers in the province.

Season 2, Episode 2

RAVEN (De)Briefs is a podcast that jaywalks across the intersection of Indigenous and common law. On this episode, we took a walk with the  director of the world’s first Joint Degree Program in Indigenous and Common Law, Val Napoleon, and her colleague Rebecca Johnson. Meet Juliana Alexander, a Secwepmec elder and research partner with the Indigenous Law Research Unit, and soon-to-be trans-systemic lawyer and student researcher at ILRU, Carolyn Belleau. Hear from this dynamic team of passionate women as they share what it's like to unearth, restore, revitalize and breathe life into Indigenous legal traditions whose wisdom and values show a way forward for living in right relationship with each other, and with the land. "Law is a verb: so is love." Check out the show and don't forget to share, review and subscribe!

Season 2, Episode 1

Chief Russ Myers Ross saw his Nation through one of the most historic periods of the past century. Elected chief at just 30 years old, Ross witnessed the Supreme Court's recognition of Tsilhqot'in Title, helmed the largest Indigenous-led solar project in the province, successfully defeated Taseko Mines in court, and was present for the exoneration of chiefs in the Canadian Parliament - a act of redress that was 100 years in the making. Ross illuminates the struggles and joys of working for his community at a time when Indigenous sovereignty is on the rise. A must-listen for anyone wondering what it's like to walk in the moccasins of a modern-day Indigenous chief with a vision to lift people up while keeping grounded in ancestral customs and laws.

Season 1, Episode 1

This first episode is a conversation between Jeff Nicholls, RAVEN’s board president, Indigenous lawyer and member of the Raven Clan of the Tsimshian Nation, and  Shoshona Kish, founder of the Indigenous Music Summit and front woman of the band Digging Roots.    Music by: Digging Roots, Kinnie Starr, and Amanda Rheaume. Used with permission.    


Season 1, Episode 2

The next generation of activists, scholars, poets and players are forging a new way forward grounded in Indigenous traditions and motivated by a longing for justice. This episode features Saul Brown who is pursuing a law degree in Canadian and Indigenous law, spoken word from Zoe Pricelys Roy, Jayden Whitfield Williams, Jordan Smith, Takaiya Blaney, Sarain Fox, and Rebecca Wolf-Gage.

Season 1, Episode 3

In this episode, Aboriginal Law scholar and practitioner Bruce McIvor speaks to the promise, and challenge, of pursuing Indigenous rights through the courts. We’ll look at the recent decisions on the Trans Mountain pipeline cases, backed by RAVEN supporters, and hear Bruce’s thoughts on how recent Wet'suwet'en decisions failed to honour the spirit of the Constitution. 


Season 1, Episode 4

Find out how Wet'suwet'en Nation are pushing back against fracked gas with a legal challenge calling out Coastal Gas Link for failing to care for the Indigenous People in whose territory they operate.

Season 1, Episode 5

Immerse yourself in the poetic worldview of Canada Research Chair, Dr. John Borrows. His discourse on the intersection of Indigenous and colonial law is richly adorned with the shapeshifting sounds of Jeremy Dutcher, a classically trained musician who takes 100 year old wax cylinder recordings of his Wolastoq ancestors, and sets them to soaring strings and vocals.  Enjoy a special Earth Day edition of RAVEN (De)Briefs - an affirming podcast that's sure to open hearts and arouse minds.


Season 1, Episode 6

This week we have a  live recording of the “We Are the Stronghold” benefit concert at Toronto’s Great Hall with Serena Ryder, Chantal Kreviazuk, Cris Derksen, and many more luminaries. Get a glimpse of the strength, unity and power that underlies the Indigenous resurgence that is challenging oppressive systems and remaking Canada.

Season1, Episode 7

Nikki Iyolo Sanchez has been a wilderness guide and environmental educator in the Nuu-chah-nulth territory of Clayoquot Sound for over 10 years, and  is currently overseeing the first ever Indigenous Storyteller edition with Telus STORYHIVE; a project to provide funding and mentorship for  emerging Indigenous filmmakers in BC and Alberta. All of this while she pursues a PhD with a research focus on emerging visual media technology as it relates to Indigenous ontology.