Protect all lifelines from Kinder Morgan

The Protect All Lifelines at UVic brought together Environmental Studies students and community members to raise awareness and funds for Pull Together! The combined perspectives of panelists  Eric Pelkey-hereditary chief of Tsawout nation , Ana Simeon, Bill Carroll, and Emi Belliveau provided attendees with a nuanced understanding of the risk this project poses to people, indigenous communities & culture, the climate and the coast.  Students raised $421.00 through their raffle, and are continuing to take donations online:

Way to go UVic!

“I realized many students, professors, and family members would voice their discomfort about the Kinder Morgan Pipeline and wish something could be done. No one really knew any details about the pipeline and seemed unsure of what avenues were out there. The solution is to stand in solidarity and continuously empower each other to fight these large corporation. This event showed that there is a massive group of allies wanting to stop the pipeline, and together that can happen! It will happen.” Eva Garofalo, Dogwood UVic

We participated in this event first of all because we are passionate about stopping TransMountain and protecting the coast! In  Mindfulness, Sustainability and Social change course with Professor James Rowe, we were required to perform a social change initiative for our term project. We chose to raise funds for Pull Together, and after seeing that Dogwood was putting on this event, and also planning on doing a raffle, we got in touch with them and decided to join forces. We exceeded our goals and were very inspired by the event and the many wonderful people we got to interact while implementing the raffle and draw. I think I can safely say we are all inspired to do more work like this in the future!” Kacey Curiston, Environmental Studies student UVic

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