Pull Together 2.0 Launches: The People vs. Kinder Morgan

Want to stop Kinder Morgan’s TMX pipeline and tankers project? So do First Nations.

It’s time to take a stand against a reckless plan that would bring tar sands oil across BC and through Vancouver harbour, increasing oil tanker traffic by 400%. We can’t let this project go ahead. There’s just too much at stake. If you are on the side of evidence,  clear opposition from First Nations, municipalities and a majority of people in B.C. — then let’s Pull Together.

Today we are launching Pull Together 2.0 using the same strategy that helped to beat Enbridge. Thanks to unprecedented solidarity from thousands of people who raised $613,000 for Indigenous legal challenges, the north coast is now clear of oil tankers.  Our powerful movement stopped one pipeline, and we’re going to stop another one too!

We’ve partnered with First Nations who need to raise $500,000 for the legal actions they filed in federal court to stop Kinder Morgan. Together with RAVEN, Sierra Club BC and the Force of Nature Alliance,we will be organizing events, and bringing communities together in creative and fun ways to raise these funds.  

During the last campaign, people found all kinds of creative ways to support Pull Together:

  • a soon-to-be married couple accepted donations in lieu of wedding gifts,
  • yoga studios held special fundraising classes andto raised $90k for First Nations legal challenges.
  • 179 online fundraisers, hundreds of events, and 80+ businesses donated, organized events and pulled together to raise $613,700!

Check out our Champions page to get inspired! 

To energize the campaign even more, we’ve got an donor waiting in the wings who will match every dollar you bring in, doubling your impact. If don’t want to see coastal waters, resident orcas, salmon populations and First Nations rights sacrificed for Big Oil, will you join us for Pull Together 2.0: The People vs. Kinder Morgan?


“There is no movement in the country as powerful as the community we are building.” — Jess Housty, Heiltsuk First Nation councillor


We can’t let First Nations face down Kinder Morgan alone. Together, we can be powerful beyond measure. Let’s do this.


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