Pull Together campaign scores a win with $600k raised



THANK YOU for your actions and support for Pull Together! The commitment to the campaign to stand with First Nations against Enbridge has been thrilling: together we have reached our goal to raise $600,000 for the 7 Nations in court to stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline.

People all across the country, along with hundreds of online fundraisers, over 50 businesses, and thousands of individuals, donated to ensure these Nations had the best possible representation in court, and made a huge impact on the Nations engaged in this case:

“My community has expanded so much through all the gentle warriors who have made this fight their own. Thank you for standing with us. There is no force in this country that is stronger than the community we’ve built.” Jess Housty, Heiltsuk Nation

Many Canadians are relieved that our new Prime Minister has called for a halt on oil tankers in the Pacific. But the Government in Council cannot rescind Enbridge’s’ permit; and Enbridge has stated that they are not backing down. You know what that means? RAVEN is not backing down. RAVEN is here to support these legal battles for the long haul. In 2016 we will be launching Phase 3 of Pull Together to raise funds for Appeals Court, because no matter which side wins, there will be an appeal. It is most likely going all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

“Though the chill of coastal winter is setting in, we are deeply warmed by the generosity of our allies. As we reflect on the past year full of challenges and triumphs, your support energizes us for the hard work of a new year ahead. We know it will bring great things, and we look forward to forging on with all of you alongside us!” Marilyn Slett, Chief Councillor, Heiltsuk Tribal Council

Please help to ensure that Pull Together and other campaigns go the distance. Become a monthly donor to RAVEN. RAVEN is the ONLY charitable organization in Canada that provides legal defence funds for First Nations trying to protect the environment.  We are having a direct and powerful impact on the ability of First Nations to access justice. Our mission is clear and strong and we need consistent help to carry on fundraising for the Indigenous Peoples who defend the land we all love.  


“Pull Together is such a great campaign… I felt like I made a lot of connections because of Pull Together. You have that beautiful side effect that you get in touch with groups you have not been connected to before and you learn all these new things.” Gabriela Hirt, Victoria-based fundraiser for Pull Together

When Indigenous Peoples go before the courts to defend their rights, they also stand to protect the integrity of the land, water and air upon which we all depend. Very often these nations must fight resource extraction corporations with deep pockets. Your donation, no matter what size, will help. Let’s strive to make these legal battles a fair fight.

Thank you for your actions to support Indigenous Peoples’ equitable access to justice, to healthy land and water, and to our abundant shared future.


“This Enbridge issue is not just a First Nations issue. It’s not just my community or the central coast or coastal BC, I think it’s all of our issue as British Columbians and as Canadians.” Doug Neasloss, Kitasoo/Xai’xais


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