Pushback on Petro Raises Nearly $2k for Pull Together

In collaboration with Pull Together, The Pace and Vines Art Festival, local artists of Vancouver organized a fundraiser to prevent the construction of TMX. There was a silent auction, soundscape installation, interactive spaces, and jiving living music! Folks were ready to dance, network, and regenerate!

Together we raised close to two thousand dollars! Thank you so much for organizing, Julia Farry and Heather, and for donating, Vines Art Festival and all the incredible artists!

“It’s not if but when there is a spill”

Contamination to trepidation,
we will not stand for this violation.
Four Indigenous nations
Have united to launch legal challenges
to stop the Transmountain Pipeline and the federal government, Dead in their tracks.
For the pipeline encroaches and would leave death in its tracks,
If its construction comes to fruition, and bleeds crude oil into the soil.

So, we invite you to stand behind the voices
That will echo in the chambers of a court case.
Their momentum is rolling
Like a groove from a bass
Carrying the song
that is worth striding along.

Come listen to spoken word, jazz, and Brazilian samba
Make this a night that we all rememba
With the money you donate
You will help to abate
The immense fee of legal action.
In solidarity we carry together
The responsibility to make the world better.

Karmella Cen Benedito De Barros and Lexi
Jillian Christmas
Jazz Groove Masters
Winston Matsushitahita: keys
Noah Gotfrit: bass
Max Huberdeaueau: drums
Rory Hislop: trumpet
Tobias Soley: Tenor Sax
Brejera (Full Brazilian Samba Ensemble)
Mario H. Silva: violão
Trevor Murray: cavaquinho
Sara Magal: vocals
Vicente Régis: violão & vocals
Bruno Tadeu De Oliveira Matos: pandeiro & vocals
Dingo: surdo & vocals
Tobias Soley: clarinet

Soundscape: Adrian Avendaño & Bastian Diaz-Jerez

Adam Rashid

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Photographs by Desiree Wallace

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