RAVEN (De)Briefs S1 Episode 2: Elders in the Making

With a bow to Cowboy Smithx, we present Episode 2 of our new RAVEN De(briefs) podcast: “Elders in the Making”.  

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The teaching and learning going on across the country is extraordinary. Settlers and indigenous people are gathering in good spirit to dig into the very difficult history of colonization in Canada.  It’s a moment of great friction but also one of tremendous opportunity; the barricades may be up in front of legislatures and on rail lines, but in many quarters people are holding disarmingly honest dialogue, and forging new alliances, rising in newfound solidarity to meet the demands of the moment.
Throughout this episode you’ll hear the voices of young people who are taking a stand across Canada: you’ll hear from youth in BC and from artists and musicians in Toronto who participated in the We are the Stronghold benefit concert for RAVEN’s Wet’suwet’en legal fund. Get inspired by the next generation of activists, scholars, poets and players who are forging a new way forward for this country, grounded in ancient traditions and motivated by a longing for justice.
Saul Brown is part of the second cohort of law students at the University of Victoria who are pursuing a joint law degree in Canadian AND Indigenous law.
When he’s not in class, Saul has been spending every spare minute participating in a peaceful occupation of the BC legislature. These demonstrations, led by Indigenous youth and strengthened by allies of all ages, aim to draw attention to the plight of Wet’suwet’en land and water protectors who are facing unwanted industrial activity in their territory.
In addition to hearing from Saul, you’ll hear from Serena Ryder with  a song called “Teach You”, performed live at the We are the Stronghold benefit concert for RAVEN’s Wet’suwet’en legal defence fund. You’ll also hear tracks from Luke Wallace’s new album “What on Earth?“, for which he is touring with shows in Comox, White Rock, Vancouver, Victoria and Salt Spring Island benefitting RAVEN’s Wet’suwet’en campaign. Give $100 to his RAVEN fundraising page and get his new record “What On Earth?” Donate here: https://fundraise.raventrust.com/fundraiser/2682469
To learn more and find out how you can organize, donate, and fundraise in support of access to justice for Indigenous Peoples, and stand with Wet’suwet’en wherever your frontline is, visit raventrust.com/wetsuweten. People young and old, from coast to coast to coast and beyond, are organizing events, setting up online fundraisers and donating to support strategic legal challenges of Wet’suwet’en hereditary leaders.
Episode features: Serena Ryder, Zoe Priceless, Roy., Jayden Whitfield Williams, Jordan Smith, Saul Brown, Takaiya Blaney, Sarain Fox, and Rebecca Wolf-Gage, with music by Luke Wallace, Digging Roots, and Serena Ryder and her fabulous band, playing a live benefit show for RAVEN. Show produced by Andrea Palframan, recorded by Karissa Chandrakate, edited by Rutendo Chabikwa, and narrated by Susan Smitten. Subscribe, share and comment  on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. 

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