Watch : "Raven People Rising"

The Nathan E. Stewart Sank, But the Heiltsuk are Rising

Raven People Rising” is a film chronicling the efforts of Indigenous people to chart a sustainable and just course through the troubled waters of the Great Bear Sea. In this 30-minute film, set in one of the Earth’s last tracts of intact temperate rainforest, meet elders, youth, and tribal leaders who describe a mixed inheritance: on the one hand, the incredible violence of residential schools and cultural erasure, and on the other, an unbroken lineage of ancestral teachings that powerfully connect people to place.

Right now, Heiltsuk Nation are embarking on a groundbreaking Indigenous Environmental Assessment, digging into the impacts of the spill via Heiltsuk's own gwila's (laws), community health and well-being, and a scientific assessment of the spill area in the aftermath of the disaster. The Nation are fundraising to support this work - a key pillar in the legal challenge that "Raven People Rising" describes.

Please donate to support the important work Heiltsuk Nation are carrying out to benefit future generations. Support the legal challenge here. 


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