No fooling, it’s our birthday: buy yourself — or someone you love — a present in RAVEN’s new online shop!

14 years ago, RAVEN was born in the closet of an imposing stone building in downtown Victoria. 

Since those humble beginnings…oh, how our wings have spread! RAVEN supporters have joined forces to carry us through struggle and triumph: you’ve helped us to protect hundreds of thousands of hectares of Indigenous land, and gotten wildly creative to stop a massive tar sands pipeline and tankers project. You’ve swam around islands, run across mountain tops, and sailed the Salish Sea. You’ve been part of building a beautiful movement of fiercely caring humans, united in support of Indigenous justice. 

For our birthday, we’ve got a surprise for you. We’ve been quietly putting the finishing touches on our new Online Shop, where we’re featuring high quality, sustainably sourced t-shirts, tote bags, mugs and touques featuring art by Indigenous creators like Mark Gauti (Coast Salish) and the late Mervyn Windsor (Heiltusk-Haisla). 

Buy yourself (or someone else) a present, and for the month of April we’ll donate the proceeds to Gitxaała, who are in court next week to drive a spike through B.C.’s unjust Mineral Tenure Act.

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