RAVEN’s support for the Qat’muk Declaration

Ki suk kyukyit

November 15th is the sixth anniversary of the Qat’muk Declaration. Download it here.  The Declaration is an expression of Ktunaxa sovereignty and is in response to the Jumbo Glacier Resort project. That project threatens critical grizzly bear habitat; it is known as the place where grizzly bear goes to dance to Ktunaxa.
Ktunaxa Nation Council has been opposed to the project since it was first expressed in the early 1990s. KNC has fought the project through the BC Supreme Court and BC Court of Appeal and will be at the Supreme Court of Canada on December 1st. While KNC legal arguments on sec. 35 grounds have also been made, the essence of the case is question of whether or not indigenous peoples have protection under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms sec. 2 religious freedoms provisions. Previous to our case, indigenous people have not sought sec. 2 protection for religious freedoms as Aboriginal peoples in the courts.
RAVEN is offering our expression of recognition and support for the Qat’muk Declaration on it’s anniversary today,  November 15th 2016. Please watch this short video and download the Declaration to read and share.

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