Salish Sea Tour rocks the islands to stop Kinder Morgan

An epic tour of ports all across the Salish Sea is being brought together by communities who are ready to fight Kinder Morgan. Starting in the Gulf Islands, the Salish Sea vs. Kinder Morgan tour begins on Denman Island and touches down on Gabriola for a musical afternoon rally, hits Quadra for a screening of “How to Change the World” with Rex Weyler, then lands in Nanaimo for a night of live local music at the Vault Cafe. “Folktivist” singer songwriter Luke Wallace will be at every single show along with Pull Together campaigner Claris Figueira.

South of the border, the tour will make landing on San Juan Island, Orcas, Lopez and Anacortes before winding up in Seattle for an event co-sponsored by and Sierra Club Seattle.

“It is the many and the small against the few and the very large. The stakes are not just what happens to the Burrard Inlet: the stakes are the one planet that we’ve got. You are all part of an enormously important global battle. You have —  for the next couple of years— the honour of playing an extremely  outsized role in that battle, just by virtue of geography. They gotta go through you if they want to get the oil out of here. If you can stop them you will have done the planet an enormous service. We’re counting on you.” — Bill McKibben


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