Shine Bootcamp raises another 5K for Beaver Lake Cree Nation!

We would like to give a BIG thank you to Shine Bootcamp for raising $$2,769 for Beaver Lake Cree Nation, which was DOUBLED to $5,538!

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Back in March this year, they raised another $5000 for BLCN, which totals over 10K in donations this year!

Shine Bootcamp is a startup organization that provides intensive training for women wanting to develop their skills as speakers. It came into fruition after noticing a need for safe spaces for women to grow and develop their voice. Shine’s co-creators Ale, Amy and Stef wish that speaker training – and, more broadly, education – was free for all. In their little niche, that means doing whatever they can to dissolve the barriers to getting on stage. “Women and a lot of people are often in situations where they can’t get speaking gigs because they can’t get experience. But it’s hard to get relevant experience when they aren’t getting any gigs.” – says Shine co-founder Amy Wood.

“In the past year or two I have been trying to learn more about Indigneous Peoples, particularly in so called Canada.” says Amy Wood when asked why they chose to fundraise for RAVEN.  “I wanted to understand what it meant when they say that there’s been a genocide. When I started to understand the concept of decolonization, I realized that not only is it important to the liberation of Indigenous people, but also to all people within the capitalist society that we live in. I came across RAVEN and something just clicked about that as well because for a lot of these Indigneous Nations, the court system is their last opportunity and again they are working within this governance that they didn’t really have a say in creating, and I feel like it’s our duty to support them.

I really do believe in the work we do at Shine. I think the work we do is really important. However, I also don’t want to kid myself into believing that it’s going to solve the systemic issues. There are people on the frontlines who are being harmed today as we speak. With Shine we have seen women being promoted to leadership positions and gain confidence in the process. And I think that trickles down. But we also need to do our duty to empower the people on the margins that we don’t interact with on a daily basis.”

We are really grateful to Shine Bootcamp for choosing to fundriase for Beaver Lake Cree, and we support the amazing work they do to empower women to use their voices. Check out Shine’s upcoming programs and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter!

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