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RAVEN Sailing Adventures


RAVEN's fabulous sailing cruises return for another year! Hop aboard the Providence Tall Ship with RAVEN staff and Indigenous knowledge keepers.

Join us for a tour full of wisdoms from the land and waters!


11am-1:30pm - TIX still available.

2pm-4:30pm SOLD OUT

5pm-8pm SOLD OUT

August 26 — 11am-1:30pm, 2pm-4:30pm, or 5pm-8pm
August 27 — 11am-1:30pm or 2pm-4:30pm

10am-1pm, Tix still available

1:30pm-4:30pm SOLD OUT

5pm-8pm SOLD OUT


Chris Arnett

Chris Arnett (Maori, Ngāi Tahu) is an independent archaeologist who lives on Salt Spring Island.
His works include The Terror of the CoastTwo Houses Half-Buried in Sand, and They Write Their Dream on the Rock Forever.


He will be our guide for the Salt Spring Island tours on August 24 & 25!

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Christine Hunt

Christine Hunt is a Kwakiutl knowledge keeper who has been a commercial fisher on the coast for 30 years. Her family were involved in the Hōkūleʻa Polynesian canoe expedition circumnavigating Pacific Ocean, having gifted two magnificent fir trees to Hawaiians for the construction of their oceangoing canoe.

She will be our guide for the Salt Spring Island tours on August 24 & 25!


kQwa'st'not (charlene george)

kQwa'st'not comes from tsuk, a community that bridges Coast Salish & Nuuchanulth Nations. Bridging cultures with her English and French grandparents, Char offers inspiration to re-connect, re-remember, and be inspired to re-imagine how we can collectively re-story our relationships with all beings.

She will be our guide for the Victoria tours on August 26 & 27!

Tall Ship Sailing Adventures are supporting:
Heiltsuk Nation's Step Up for Coast Heroes

Heiltsuk Nation is taking Kirby — an oil shipping company — Canada, and British Columbia to court. In the wake of the  catastrophic Nathan E. Stewart spill that spilled toxic fuels into Heiltsuk's marine harvesting areas, this Title case aims to enshrine Indigenous stewardship practices into law to toughen regulations about fossil fuel transport and protect marine ecosystems for future generations. 

By attending Festival Afloat, you’re supporting Heiltsuk Nation to make sure that orcas, salmon, otters — and the coastal communities who care for them — continue to thrive.