Small Businesses have made Big Impact

This is a shout out to thank the small businesses that have supported the fight against trans mountain. And we want you to join us in thanking them. 

If you have the means, please support these businesses by buying gift cards, reviewing their stores with five stars, and sharing the love for their products with your friends and family. 

We know that small business means family, it means friends, it means countless hours in the kitchen, or getting your partner and kids to model for you.  We know that every single customer review is a big deal. We know that many of you are trying to figure out how to keep your doors open, and also how to continue employing your staff, who have been tight like family for years.

We see these businesses’ innovation, creativity, and your desire to make a fair place to work for your community, and we understand the struggles of balancing the books in this time.

Thank you for all that you’re doing. We will continue supporting you in every way we can.

Here are some of the business superstars who have been integral to the success of Pull Together: 

Soap Dispensary

The Soap Dispensary has given thousands of dollars to cases over Trans Mountain, and they now offer delivery- their zero waste market has allowed for environmentalists across the lower mainland to access things in bulk that regular grocery stores don’t often stock, from soap to essential oils, to solutions for low impact living. 

Cartem’s Donuts

It might be shocking to some, to find a progressive donut shop. We thought donuts were guilty pleasures, but when it comes to Cartem’s, there is no guilt. Their tireless support for community organizing and great politics as well as their desire to create sweets for folx who are gluten-free, vegan and want to eat local fills our bellies and create so many smiles.

Deep Cove Kayak

Wow, talk about protecting the coast. Did you know that Deep Cove Kayak brought together paddlers throughout the North Shore to do a photo op against trans mountain.  (include photo in blog) That is because they recognize the risk of tanker spills to their business, to Indigenous nation’s who’s Inlet they enjoy, and they aren’t afraid to be explicitly political. The folks at Deep Cove Kayak have done everything from attending protests, donating kayak rentals at fundraisers, to organizing local businesses to band together and donate proceeds on the same day, all at once. 

Bandidas Taqueria

Nourishing us inside and out, Bandidas has provided hibiscus lemonade, burrito bowls, and all sorts of delicious and nutritious vegetarian food through their food truck at protests, rallies, marches and fundraisers for First Nations against Trans Mountain. We’ve seen the Bandidas owners at film screening, public speaking events and walking alongside us in the streets in marches for Indigenous Rights. They hosted an EarthDay event with live music, local art, and raised over $5k. 

Got a business you want to celebrate for amazing community spirit? Tag them on social media with the hashtag  #SolidarityFromHome and we’ll share and shout out, too! 

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