Speak Your Peace: the Global Campaign

Join Moksha and Modo Yoga International this September 21 

Here’s a Q&A from Darci Nyal at Moksha Yoga Westshore and Moksha Yoga Victoria about their upcoming Speak Your Peace event on September 21st. The proceeds from candlelit classes all over North America will go to Pull Together, along with funds raised at Karma Yoga classes at participating studios.

The goal? To raise $65000 for Pull Together! Go Moksha/Modo!

So what’s this year’s campaign about?

When the federal government approved the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline they failed to adequately address the environmental and legal conditions required for approval. This dismissal of process and protocol is a serious concern to Canadians everywhere, and, if left unchallenged, will become yet another example of “business as usual” in Canada.

Our goal is to help raise awareness, help educate members of our community so that each person can make an informed decision when they vote this fall, and when they have the opportunity to share their voice at their next dinner party.

60+ Yoga studios are doing what?!!

This year, the Moksha/Modo community (60+ yoga studios) is merging our Speak Your Peace campaign with Pull-Together.ca. We are donating all August and September karma class funds to help stop the Northern Enbridge Pipeline.

Why we chose Raven Trust:

We invite you to join the Pull-together.ca movement and help us fundraise to amplify the voices of our First Nations brothers and sisters who are fighting the Northern Gateway pipeline in court. The pipeline goes through land that by Treaty belongs to First Nations. Their rights may be strong, but they need financial assistance to address the enormous legal fees that stand between them and justice. Stand in solidarity with those whose voices go unheard and help make history that future generations will be proud of.

 We have the capacity to make small and meaningful change, by saying that how the Enbridge pipeline is being approved isn’t good enough.  That we should and and can do better.  We do this daily with our employees/employers when we encourage them to be their best self, we do this with our children when we love and help them grow with a loving hand, and we do this with our partners and family members.  We even do this with our bodies when we look in the hot room mirror and correct our alignment in a posture.  If we can do this in all those areas, we also have the capacity to do this with our community, with our environment and our government.  We are not hippies (okay, maybe a little bit of hippie) and rebels, we are patriotic and so in love with our coastal community that mediocre isn’t good enough. Once we start practicing yoga, we can’t turn a blind eye to our own habits.  We now have to respond to life from a place of integrity rather than habit.  And this integrity is us standing together, uniting our voice, and speaking our peace.

 Thanks to Moksha Yoga Westshore, Moksha Yoga Victoria and Darci Nyal for the powerful words of solidarity!

Join Moksha during September & October and let’s navigate these scary waters together, as one community.

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