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Jack Woodward, Chief Al Lameman, Alan Bibby and James Hoggan keep issue in the news

Byline: Meghan Howcroft

A large group of Salt Spring Islanders received a wake-up call last Saturday night at the Truth, Trials and Tar Sands event taking place at ArtSpring.

Sponsored by I-SEA, RAVEN (Respecting Aboriginal Values & Environmental Needs) and DeSmogBlog, the evening featured presentations by four Canadians making a difference in the fight against climate change: James Hoggan, PR executive and author of the book Climate Cover-Up; Alan Bibby, a local documentary filmmaker; Jack Woodward, the pre-eminent authority in Aboriginal law; and special guest Chief Al Lameman of the Beaver Lake Cree Nation.

At a time when Canada is mopping up its shame after an embarrassing display of broken promises at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen, Canadians are at a critical junction when it comes to climate change action. Hoggan got right to the point. “Climate change is a story of public relations and the most widespread mis-information campaign… This is a story about greed and irresponsibility on an epic scale, deception and widespread media manipulation.”

For the full article, with comments by Chief Al Lameman and Jack Woodward, please click here.

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