Stand with RAVEN #UnitedAgainstEnbridge October 1st

This week, we’re making history.

On October 1st, First Nations, unions, and environmental groups will finally have their cases against Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline and tankers project heard in court. We’ve been working hard towards this day: for the past 12 months, community groups, businesses, and people like you have found amazingly creative ways to raise funds and awareness. Together, we’ve brought in an incredible $525,000 for the legal challenges of seven First Nations. Thanks to your efforts, the Haida, Heiltsuk, Gitxaala, Nadleh Whuten, Kitasoo/Xai Xais, Gitga’at and Nak’azdli First Nations are going to court knowing that thousands of citizens have generously chosen to  stand with them. 

Here at RAVEN, we’ve received some powerful statements from the Nations who are headed to court. Here’s one that comes with a hanky warning, from Heilsuk councillor Jess Housty:

“Thank you. Every single person who is in the room. Every single person in your extended network who has taken a stand on this issue. On behalf of Heiltsuk, I’d like to say we’re ready for our day in court. We’ve been ready for ten thousand years. Every step in the regulatory process and now the legal process has propelled us toward the eventual moment where we all win. I know it’s coming. My  prevailing sentiment as the days count down is profound gratitude. My community has expanded so much through all the gentle warriors who have made this fight their own. Thank you for standing with us.

There is no force in this country that is stronger than the community we’ve built.” 

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This is RAVEN’s last push for donations before the hearings start. We’re already at $530,000: our goal is $600k.  If we can raise another $25,000, Patagonia will match it dollar for dollar. Give $10, we get $20: let’s let First Nations know that thousands of people like you and me have their backs, as they step up to stand toe-to-toe with Big Oil.

Please donate, share this appeal on your social media networks, and, if you are in the big city, come out to the rally at the Federal courthouse, West Georgia & Howe,  at 12.30 pm., and experience the solidarity and strength of the mighty grassroots as we join in witnessing First Nations and their allies defend what is sacred to us all.

Enbridge is fighting to win. Let’s make it a fair fight.

In solidarity,
Susan Smitten & the RAVEN Team

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