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Pull Together – Stop Kinder Morgan

We’ve raised $625,000… and counting… to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline. 

RAVEN’s Pull Together campaign to stop Enbridge mobilized thousands of people to donate, fundraise, and organize against the Enbridge Northern Gateway project. We raised $600,000 for a huge legal victory for seven First Nations. We knew our approach — to stand with Indigenous Peoples on the front lines of defending land, air and water — was strategic. Now we have proof that it works. 

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We’re mustering our forces for an epic fight against powerful corporate interests. We’re going to unleash the full strength of the creative, committed, and kick-ass culture of resistance against Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain expansion project. Help us fundraise so that First Nations can stand toe-to-toe with Big Oil in the courts. 

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The Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker project does not have the consent of First Nations or of British Columbians. Whether it’s oil spills that can’t be cleaned up, orcas that will become extinct, bad economics that risk jobs, running roughshod over Indigenous rights, or increasing carbon emissions in the age of runaway climate change, an approval of this project is the wrong direction for our region and our world.

Opposition to Kinder Morgan includes 59 First Nations, 21 BC municipalities including Vancouver, North Vancouver, Victoria, and Burnaby and over 200,000 citizens who have signed petitions opposing the pipeline and tanker project.

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