Embrace the Spirit of Giving: Help RAVEN Stuff our “Stock”ings

As the seasons shift, the leaves change, and the wheels of justice continue to turn, we are now officially entering the last chapter of this year. Pumpkin patches, spiced delicacies, snow and lights, merry feasts and gatherings, and a spirit of giving perforate the air. As does the hard work of pulling up our sleeves and working towards a better world.  

Now is also the perfect time to start thinking about donating securities to RAVEN! We know that sometimes giving cash is not convenient, or possible, and donating securities is another way of supporting us. As is always the case, all giving is good, and we appreciate all types of donations, but we wanted to highlight some of the particular benefits of donating stocks! There is a wealth of information out there on in-kind donations, so we’ll just go over some of the basics. 

None of this information constitutes legal or financial advice. It is necessary to consult with professionals to determine what donating securities will mean for your personal tax obligations.

  • Donating stocks is always great, but is especially beneficial if your stock has increased in value from the time when you bought it. 
  • Make sure to speak with your financial advisor, but you can generally avoid paying capital gains tax on the increased price (i.e., appreciated value) of your securities when you donate securities, and this tax can add up! So this means that if you had a good year, you can benefit from your smart financial work (as can we!).
    • Types of securities that can be donated to reduce capital gains are:
      • Shares on a designated stock exchange;
      • Mutual funds; and
      • Government of Canada or provincial bonds.  
  • Starting January 1, 2024, high income earners may be subject to new changes in alternative minimum tax. Therefore, if you’re planning on donating stocks and these changes apply to you, it may be beneficial to donate in 2023! Please reach out to your financial advisor for more details, or read this article!
  • You will receive a tax receipt for the full market value of your contribution to help reduce your federal and provincial income taxes. You can use this in the tax year your gift was made, or carry it forward for up to five additional years – which can be beneficial in some circumstances.
  • All of this helps maximize the return on your investment, especially if you donate directly to RAVEN (see below). 
  • Donating securities is a great way to pay it forward and help out an organization like RAVEN to support the amazing work of the Nations that we partner with, who are advocating for Indigenous rights and environmental justice.
  • And, donating securities is easy! 

How to donate securities

As mentioned above, donating stocks and securities can be really easy! On our end, all we require is for you and your broker to fill out a one-page form that you can find on our website and send it to Russ Elliott, our Operations Manager, at russell@raventrust.com. From there, we will call our broker, sell the shares as soon as possible, and then issue you a tax receipt. That’s it!

Should you have any questions about donating your securities, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re definitely not financial experts, but we can help with the process, answer questions about tax receipts, or chat with you about all the ways you can help support the work we’re fundraising and campaigning for, in the quest for the realization of Indigenous rights and environmental justice!

We’re wishing you all the best this holiday season!

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