A nailbiting morning. An astounding victory.

Another trip around the sun. Another amazing year for RAVEN. Writing these ‘retrospective’ emails summons so many powerful emotions. We’re driven by a sense of urgency at RAVEN: with legal challenges, there are no guarantees, and the successes, when they come, are impossible to predict or prepare for. This is why we are peppering you…

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Our territory is not a sacrifice zone: Tsleil-Waututh councillor Charlene Aleck

When Prime Minister Trudeau made his announcement that he would approve the Kinder Morgan pipeline, I was struck but his certainty that this pipeline was absolutely safe. He said: “If I thought this project was unsafe for the B.C. coast, I would reject it.”

How could he say that? How can he not know that hundreds of scientists have looked at this project and said that it isn’t safe? Not for the water and certainly not for the climate. The assessment that we had done by experts showed more than a 70 per cent chance of a serious spill in the next 50 years. Officials in Washington State have expressed serious concerns about Canada’s inability to respond to a spill, even with the new commitments made by our Prime Minister. This is a drastic contradiction.

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