Man camps are temporary; trauma from violence lasts generations

Digital Drawing of 2 red dresses hanging from tree branches

RAVEN has written about the dangers of man camps before, but with the 31st Annual February 14 Women’s Memorial March honouring MMIWGT2S approaching, and little change seen, it is time to bring this issue back to the forefront of our dialogues. Because it’s time Canada and industrial development companies take the recommendations in the final MMIWG report seriously and address the issue of violence against Indigenous women, two-spirited and girls.

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Man Camps Perpetuate Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Violence against the land begets violence against women. Research, testimonies and community members have made this crucial connection. Notably, Amnesty International reported: “Oil and gas extraction, coal mining, and hydroelectric development help fuel the provincial economy and create high paying jobs that attract workers from across the country. In actively promoting intensive development in the…

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