Reconciliation or Wreckonciliation? The curse of Indigenous pipeline ownership

By Andrea Palframan / January 26, 2020 /

Handing out smallpox blankets: the 2020 edition With the price of oil falling drastically and the prospect of reaching new markets in China fading, the promise of continued economic prosperity based on tar sands bitumen is turning sour.  Kinder Morgan, one of the biggest fossil fuel corporations in the world, saw the writing on the…

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The Legal Breakdown of Indigenous Rights and the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project

By Andrea Palframan / August 18, 2019 /

What you need to know about the legality around Indigenous rights and the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project. On what legal grounds are First Nations challenging the 2019 approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline and tankers project? In the original NEB process, and subsequent Crown consultation, several First Nations advanced grave concerns regarding the project’s…

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