Defend the Treaties

Beaver Lake Cree Nation filed a constitutional challenge over the impacts of multiple tar sands mines and other industrial development in Beaver Lake Cree territory. They are the first community to ever challenge – and be granted a trial on – the cumulative environmental, social, and cultural impacts of industrial development. A win would force an ecosystems approach to environmental regulation in Canada’s oil patch, slowing tar sands expansion and defending treaty rights for Indigenous Nations.

How the RAVEN Community supported this victory

 This is an ongoing case. However, substantial gains have been achieved in the pre-trial phase.

RAVEN proudly assisted Beaver Lake Cree Nation with resources to fend off two attempts by Canada and Alberta to have the case dismissed. As a result, the Beaver Lake Cree Nation’s claim against the Crown for breaching Treaty 6 is proceeding to trial. The historic, precedent-setting judgment issued in March 2012 was upheld by the Alberta Court of Appeal. For updates on the progress of the Defend the Treaties case – formerly the Tar Sands Trial – please check out the campaign page:

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