Thank you to RAVEN business champions

We’ve experienced a flowering of support from businesses here at RAVEN. Between the awakening of anti-racist movements across Turtle Island in the wake of Idle No More and Black Lives Matter, and a flourishing of a community of businesses dedicated to the triple bottom line (People + Profit + Planet), we are so grateful to be here at this moment to witness a shift in values that translate to real action on the ground for Indigenous justice.

Whether your business is a long term supporter of RAVEN or your team is a new donor, thank you for choosing to be in solidarity with Indigenous justice. Learn how your business can become a RAVEN champion here.

  • Social Graphic From Sea Witch Botanicals. Text reads "Green Friday 2021: Seat Witch Botanicals is donating 100% of profits to RAVEN Trust"
  • Social Graphic from Death by Audio Effects that explains how they raised $4,260 USD for RAVEN
  • Social Graphic from Modo Yoga advertising a live event that happened on Nov 20, 2021 to raise funds for RAVEN
  • Social graphic from Over Sew explaining that they raised $650 for RAVEN
  • Social Graphic from Honest Apparel describing their "Decolonizing Hoodie" that raised funds for RAVEN
  • Social Graphic from Second Nature Home. Text Reads "Giving back on Black Friday...20% on sales donated to RAVEN Trust"

The following is a shout out to all the champions who donated to RAVEN between November 2021 to January 2022! 

Modo Yoga North Vancouver 

Modo Yoga North Vancouver is a community of inspired students, joined together by a love of yoga, a commitment to protecting the earth, and our drive to bring more peace into the world. Led by caring owners and teachers, Modo Yoga Vancouver is a place for all. RAVEN has partnered with MYNV from early days when we fundraised together for the Pull Together campaign, and we cherish our ongoing friendship.

Check out MYNV whether you are an absolute beginner or a more experienced student. They offer accessible Yoga & Barre classes that are challenging, healthy, and fun! When you join the ‘sweaty family’ of hot yogis, you join a dedicated, conscious community of over 50 studios worldwide, many of whom have backed RAVEN with solid support over the years.

Banyen Books and Sound 

Open since December of 1970, Banyen Books and Sound is “earthnested” at the corner of 4th & Dunbar in Vancouver, British Columbia. They are Canada’s most comprehensive metaphysical bookstore, offering a broad spectrum of resources from humanity’s spiritual, healing, and earth wisdom traditions.

Banyen is an oasis, a crossroads, a meeting place… for East and West, the “old ways” and current discoveries and syntheses. It’s fitting that they should choose RAVEN, with their dedication to evolving learning edges and best practices. Banyan welcomes and celebrates the love of wisdom, be it in art, science, lifecraft, healing, visioning, religion, psychology, eco-design, gardening… and of course in philanthropic service. Show your support for Banyen’s Indigenous solidarity and visit this cool open source bookstore for the “University of Life”.

Associate CERLAC York University 

CERLAC is a York University-based hub for inter- and multidisciplinary research on Latin America and the Caribbean, their diasporas, and their relations with Canada and the rest of the world. It provides a meeting space for faculty, students, and visitors to discover common interests; supports their projects by facilitating grant administration, partnership formation, and the co-production and sharing of knowledge; and trains new generations of regional scholars.

With their contributions to RAVEN’s work supporting Indigenous legal challenges, CERLAC grounds critical reflection on Canada’s role in its hemisphere. We raise our hands to them for their scholarship, support and solidarity.

Origami Customs 

Origami Customs is a customized and handmade line of swimwear, lingerie, and more for folks of all genders. We LOVE this company! Not only for their stance together with First Nations pushing for a better world, but for their inclusive and body-positive attitude. Origami offers people of any size, shape, age, ability and gender expression a safe way to have customized items that meet their needs.

State B Cannabis Beverage Co. 

It’s a brave new world and we’re smiling with this partnership with a conscious cannabis beverage company who care about people and the planet. Merging the realm of functional beverages with cannabis, State B offers a new option for people who want to enjoy the benefits of THC and CBD while also experiencing the healing power of herbs. Each can of State B is formulated to help the drinker enter an elevated state of mind.

Tendril Design

Tendril is a design-driven animation, vfx, and digital innovation studio. They create stories and experiences for brands, technology companies, and the entertainment industry. With their support of RAVEN, Tendril is putting their beliefs in a strong culture built on diversity and shared experiences into meaningful action. Thriving at the intersection of art and technology, Tendril’s mission is to inspire and be inspired.

Change SFU 

Change SFU’s mission is to provide a collaborative space for all kinds of environmental, political, and social activism at SFU and in its community. This group of inspired students catalyze change through taking the issues our members are passionate about and brainstorming actionable campaigns to address those issues to the best of their ability. RAVEN is honoured to be chosen to receive contributions from Change SFU to empower our campaigns and strengthen our mandate. We love student-led radical action!!


50% profits of Over.Sew profits were donated directly to @raven_trust to fund Indigenous legal defence fees. Hands held high for this #asianbusiness based in Ottawa, ON who contributed to substantially to support RAVEN.

Second Nature Home

Second Nature Home™ is a retail space entirely focused on eco-friendly, organic products for the home—helping you transform people’s homes into natural sanctuaries. Their eco-ethic extends to thinking about strategic ways to back the Indigenous stewards of these lands and waters: we are grateful for their support of RAVEN.

The shop offers one-stop eco-shopping with distinctive, sustainable products—a unique mix of locally-sourced home essentials and curated decorative arts.

Death by Audio Effects 

Death By Audio handmakes effect pedals in an underground warehouse in Queens, NYC.

Every effect pedal they build features sturdy construction to survive even your loudest and most energetic live performances. Precisely engineered, each pedal is made with the best components available to expand your musical horizons with new and original sounds. RAVEN loves to hear the noise that Death by Audio Effects is making in support of ecological justice and Indigenous rights.

Flow with Becca 

Flow with Becca is offering virtual yoga classes by donation and corporate classes by private booking. Teaching movement and flow, Becca’s by donation classes raised money throughout December 2021 for RAVEN.

Capital Salvage

Established in 1992, Capital Salvage is a family owned and operated scrap metal recycling company in Vancouver BC. They buy, sell, trade and recycle scrap metals including copper, aluminium, brass, steel, stainless steel, lead, zinc and more. Our appreciation goes out to Capital Salvage, whose sustainability practices include standing up for Indigenous rights.

Lavender Rose Resin

Lavender Rose Resin makes one-of-a-kind resin jewelry and housewares inspired by nature. With work that is influenced by nature, it is easy to see why this small business supports RAVEN, Indigenous stewardship of lands, and environmental justice.


Pushing back against a capitalist system of fast fashion consumerism that disregard the future impacts on our global environment, Misko-Waagosh makes face masks from upcycled materials as well as stunning beaded earrings. RAVEN is in awe of Misko-Waagosh, who donates 100% of their profits to Indigenous justice.

Drawn and Quarterly Books

Over the past thirty years, Drawn & Quarterly has grown from a single-issue magazine to an internationally renowned publisher of the world’s best cartoonists. The company’s dedication to high production values, editorial integrity, and artistic autonomy has led to it being described by Time as “the most elegant comics publisher in North America.” D+Q books have been nominated for the Man Booker Prize, Governor General’s Literary Awards, Giller Prize, NAACP Image Award, Lambda Literary Award, the Story Prize, and many Eisner, Harvey, and Ignatz Awards. We are also thrilled to award them with the title of RAVEN champion as they stand in solidarity with Indigenous justice.

Bandidas Taqueria

Handmade vegetarian food in the heart of east van that highlights the importance of relationships and human connection. Bandidas would not exist without the generosity of friends, wider community and the amazing staff. From the beginning, they’ve wanted to be more than a restaurant. Bandidas strives to be a welcoming space for all members of society and serves healthy, abundant food at a reasonable price. As they’ve grown, they’ve been able to reinvest in the community and RAVEN thanks them for their longtime support.

Sea Witch Botanicals

Sea Witch Botanicals is a home and body company made with only plant-based ingredients for the natural witch. A certified B Corp, they run their business based on a core mission: Sea Witch Botanicals aims to keep the world’s water healthy by providing natural home and body products that are good for you, and the environment. These products are handmade with the health of your body and the environment in mind. We love it when a company dedicated to the health of the environment sees the connection to Indigenous rights.

Goodee World

Goodee World is a community of socially-conscious design enthusiasts who put “caring” for people, and the planet, at the center of everything they do. Alongside their support of RAVEN and Indigenous rights, the products they support, services they love, and ideas they champion reflect their unwavering pursuit of a happier and more sustainable future for all.

Honest Apparel

Honest Apparel was started with the idea of a social apparel company that features and supports social justice messaging and causes. All of their products are created with the intention of expressing meaningful ideas and conversations. They aim to educate on the causes they care about through their apparel and social media communities. And beyond just sharing the message, Honest Apparel is centring action as a key part of their brand – RAVEN is grateful for the support of this great business.

Singing Bowl Granola

Singing Bowl Granola is a hand-crafted artisan granola, using organic oats from Canadian farmers, as well as many other organic and Canadian ingredients. Their small-batch granola is made with the highest quality organic oils and is only lightly sweetened with Canadian honey or maple syrup. They are proud to offer real food made with real ingredients for people who care about their health and the planet. As a small business that depends on the soil and water here, it is great to see Singing Bowl Granola supporting environmental justice and Indigenous stewardship of the lands.

Unearthing Wisdom Consulting

Unearthing Wisdom Consulting’s planning practice is based on the principles of inclusion, deep listening, truth, relationship, and decolonization. They believe that a good planning process and its resulting products should make space for fun, creativity, healing, and deepened understanding across stakeholders, while offering practical solutions and ways forward through sound analysis and implementable actions. They bring an anti-racism intersectional lens to all their planning work and strive to align their work in solidarity with movements for justice led by Black, Indigenous, Mixed, and People of Colour (BIMPOC) people and communities. Thank you, Unearthing Wisdom Consulting, for being a RAVEN champion.

Busch Systems International

Busch Systems International is an innovative, passion-driven group of people who design, recommend and customize recycling and waste solutions for different collection programs across various industries. They’ve been delivering recycling and waste solutions for over 35 years! They believe in treating their clients and each other with respect and enthusiasm and are dedicated to philanthropic efforts and activities on and off the company clock, which is what makes them a RAVEN champion!

Owl and Bear Studio

The founder, Alena, is a conservation illustrator, wildlife scientist, photographer, and science communicator currently living and learning in beautiful coastal British Columbia, within the unceded territories of the Lkwungen-speaking peoples and the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSÁNEĆ Nations.

Alena’s passion for the complex interconnectivity that exists within all aspects of our shared world draws links through art and research to sustainability and Indigenous justice.


Prose Hair Care is designed for the individual with custom products that are made different for each person, continually improving and evolving with you over time. They believe everyone deserves extraordinary care and that making things custom is the only way to give everyone their best individual results. As a B Corp-certified company, Prose keeps their impact on your hair, not the planet. We have so much appreciation for the team at Prose, who use sustainably sourced certified clean ingredients, and a carbon-neutral mandate to stand up for environmental justice.

Hoff the Grid Goods

Andi, the founder and hands behind Hoff the Grid Goods, is a queer artist (she/they) making nature-inspired ceramics with gratitude on unceded Lekwungen territory. They are a one-human small business and every piece purchased starts from a ball of clay. Andi creates every design themselves, makes their own glazes, photographs, packs, and ships each item with love and care. We raise our hands to Andi for standing in solidarity with Indigenous rights.

Area 52 Cannabis

Area 52 Cannabis believes visionary plants can serve as a tool for accessing higher levels of thought, creativity, and critical thinking — which permeates into all aspects of our life. We are grateful that their higher levels of thought include standing up for Indigenous stewardship of the lands.

Cathexis Consulting

Cathexis is a full-service, independent evaluation firm. They provide expert, utilization-focused evaluations that help organizations change for the better. It is great to see that the change they weave into their business model extends beyond just their work. Thanks for being a RAVEN champion, Cathexis Consulting.

Octobus Grows Roots

Creating beautiful works of art with their beadwork and earrings, it is great to see an independent business like this one taking a stand for Indigenous rights and justice.

Iris Polaris (Twitch fundraisers)

“A Bear of the Ice teaching you Magick, Tarot, & more!” Iris held a 12 hour fundraiser on the Twitch platform to raise funds for RAVEN – and we are so grateful for this creative approach to fundraising!

Bullock Lake Farm

Bullock Lake Farm grows 2.5 acres of vegetables, flowers, berries, and herbs in the sunniest fields of their 24-acre farm located on Salt Spring Island, BC. The remaining acreage is split between forest, historic orchard, marshland, and rolling pastures. Thriving off of their land, Bullock Lake Farm sees the need to be supporting Indigenous land rights and environmental justice longterm.

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