Lax k’naga dzol, or what is now called Banks Island, is part of the Great Bear Rainforest. The mountains, wetlands, lakes, rivers and ocean waters of Lax k’naga dzol are a rich nursery of marine and terrestrial life that has sustained the Gitxaała economy and culture for generations. 

Tell Gitxaała: thank you for taking on Big Mining in B.C.!

Gitxaała Nation brought a legal case to reform the outdated and unjust Mineral Tenure Act. Thousands of you pulled together and supported legal action that is changing the way mineral tenures are granted in B.C.

Now: Gitxaala reach a milestone. Thanks to the Nation, BC and proponents will need to sit down with Nations at the very outset: when prospectors are rolling out maps, NOT much later, when there are investors, lobbyists and big money on the table. 

This new framework will apply not only in Gitxaała territory, and not just in the area where the Crown granted seven mineral claims on Banks Island - but everywhere in B.C. 

Please share your words of gratitude with Nation leadership!

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