Thousands Toast the Coast – celebrities too!

We had well over ten community or partner events kick off our Week on Saturday, but the highest profile was definitely at Jericho Beach in Vancouver, where many thousand people came out to celebrate our love for our beautiful coast, and our work to keep it safe from fossil fuel infrastructure and climate change.

Jane Fonda was the toast of the town yesterday, appearing on the CBC (Jane Fonda takes on Big Oil), Global News “I hope I get arrested”, and pretty much every newspaper and TV station in the region. She spoke eloquently about the climate crisis and the corporate greed that is feeding it, and why citizens need to stand up to stop Kinder Morgan, Enbridge, and Arctic drilling.

The Georgia Straight covered her whole inspiring speech here about why as a global citizen during the climate emergency Canada’s emissions, and protecting our stunning coastal wilderness from tankers and drilling, matters.

Here’s an excerpt:

As promised, there was beautiful art, yummy food trucks, great booths (including our own Pull Together one staffed by our amazing volunteers) and lots of fun in the park, sun, and sand.

Sierra Club BC’s Caitlyn Vernon gave a rousing speech about the importance of supporting First Nations leadership and Pull Together, and it attracted a lot of support, including from one very special new major donor. More on that soon.

What a way to start the week!

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