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Join the People’s Premiere in local communities across North America!

Big Oil is eyeing the Pacific Coast as a fossil fuel export superhighway: the Heiltsuk have already pushed one major project out of the Great Bear Rainforest, and now they are laying the legal framework to protect the ocean itself from ill-suited development.

The Heiltsuk have filed a potentially precedent-setting legal action, and need our support right now. We’re using the same strategy that stopped the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and has halted the TransMountain/Kinder Morgan project. Let’s build the movement to #StandwithHeiltsukCoastHeroes together!

All you need to do to take part is:

1. Sign up to host a screening at https://raventrust.com/heiltsuk

2. Decide on a time and venue for your screening

3. Set up an online fundraising page to collect donations before, during, and after your event; (see this pdf for online fundraising tips!)

4.  Promote via email and on social media to get lots of people along to be part of RAVEN’s campaign to stand with Heiltsuk coast heroes.

The #RavenPeopleRising documentary is designed to spark powerful conversations and spur the kind of public outcry the Heiltsuk need to protect their Great Bear Rainforest home: our goal is to have 100 screenings and reach 5,000 people with the hopeful message and powerful call to action in this film.

Watch and share trailer:


This is how we build a force of support behind the Heiltsuk Nation: by bringing people together to donate, fundraise online and keep organizing until Heiltsuk Nation have the resources they need to win.

Choose a date and pick a venue, from your living room to your local theatre, and we’ll help you promote, fundraise, and organize.

Need help with your screening? Get in touch at campaigns@raventrust.com

Are you a visual thinker? Download this handy step-by-step pdf guide : 

How to organise your community screening for the People’s Premiere!

Organising your screening

  1. Decide where you will host the event. First, you need to book a venue – a community hall is a good start. You could also put on a community screening in your home, local church, or a room in your local pub.
  2. Make sure you have the equipment you need. Does your venue have a projector or large TV, or will you have to source a projector and a laptop? Do you have a strong set of speakers so everyone can hear the film? Make sure you test all your equipment well before your event to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  3. Create a plan for the event. Will you start by acknowledging the Traditional Territory of the Indigenous land you are on? How will you encourage people in the room to have their say and meet each other? How will you facilitate the collection of donations before and after they’ve seen the film and want to help? Do you need handouts/information?  Order postcards and RAVEN brochures by contacting Leah at leah@raventrust.com.


Promoting your screening

Create a Facebook page for your screening.  Make RAVEN (https://www.facebook.com/RAVEN-Trust-121099651233937/) an event co-host, and we’ll ensure that thousands of people see your listing both on Facebook and on our website.

Promote your event. Download the promotion pack of images and posters from Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x56ndeggu29hghw/AAAe-QwAanadZO6K4npnMGn3a?dl=0. You can also find memes and photos on the Raven People Rising Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/ravenpeoplerising/?modal=admin_todo_tour

Add the details of your event to these materials or make your own! Post them on social media, in local shops and community notice boards. Local media is a great way to get the word out, so get in touch with your local paper and radio. See our template media release and guide in the promotions pack. If you need help with posters or setting up your promotions contact andrea@raventrust.com

Invite your own networks and tell them about your event! The people most likely to come to your event are people you already have a connection with, so make sure you get in touch. Keep a list of RSVPs and send them a reminder the day before your screening.

What to do on screening day

  1. Welcome people to the screening and thank them for coming. Share a bit about yourself, why you organised the screening, and what concerns you about fossil fuel expansion on the Pacific coast. Encourage people to meet those sitting nearby.
  2. Collect donations and contact details so you can keep in touch and continue to grow the mighty force to support Heiltsuk Nation. Just before the film plays, ask for donations and, while the film plays,  circulate an email sign up sheet and donation basket.
  3. Screen the film. Following the film, you can open the floor for discussion and questions and answers. (please see this sample Q&A guide). Be sure to let people know you are not a legal expert (unless, of course, you happen to be a lawyer) and to refer them back to RAVEN when there are questions you cannot answer.
  4. Take photos of your event: tag with #RavenPeopleRising  and share them in the Raven Amplifier Network group on Facebook  so we can share your amazing event!
  5. Mail any cheques to RAVEN along with the email sign-up sheet; keep cash you raise, and make a donation to your fundraising page in that amount.

Need help? Contact ana@raventrust.com and we’ll see how we can assist.

If we want to end the insanity of turning the Pacific Coast into a fossil fuel export superhighway, and play our role in solving the climate crisis, we need to stand with the Heiltsuk people, build a movement, and raise the funds needed to secure a powerful legal precedent.

Wálas Giáxsixa (thank you in Háiłzaqv) Thank you so much for your support!


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