Treaty 8 will not back down

istandIt’s a landmark moment in BC: this is the week court challenges are being heard that stand to hold back the largest industrial project in our history. Treaty 8 First Nations, alongside their farmer neighbours, have fought Site-C valiantly for over 30 years. Today, July 22nd, the West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations have their day in court.

Site C dam has been called out by activists and industry insiders alike for being unnecessary and wildly expensive.  It’s becoming clear that the dam—which will be paid for by taxpayers in the form of BC Hydro rate hikes for years to come—is being built to serve the interest of expanding the tarsands and fracked natural gas industry.

With the withdrawal of Alberta First Nations from their legal challenge, Treaty 8 are the last line of defence against the dam. The stakes could not be higher. Treaty 8 are holding firm because they know they can win this case.  They are not only NOT backing down, they are digging in even deeper. RAVEN’s fundraiser for their legal costs is now at over $75,000. We’re a third of the way to our goal to raise $250,000: and your support is well appreciated today, as Treaty 8 take their place in court knowing they are standing shoulder to shoulder with people like you.

We have always believed that the legal actions taken by First Nations were an obstacle to this project going forward.  It’s a beautiful curiosity that, instead of bulldozers and blasting, what you hear in the Peace River valley this week is birdsong. BC Hydro made promises to have shovels in the ground this week, yet no crews have showed up.  There is no way BC Hydro or the government will admit that we are in their way, but the peaceful silence in Peace Valley speaks louder than words.

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