VIDEO: Inside an Indigenous Environmental Assessment

RAVEN’s “Step Up for Coast Heroes” campaign has been the highlight of RAVEN’s World Oceans Month. As part of our Indigenous Storytelling Initiative, Heiltsuk members have been journeying out onto the lands and waters with elders, scientists, and Indigenous knowledge keepers. That sharing is part of the painful but necessary process of  healing the area where the Nathan E. Stewart spill occurred.With the evidence they are gathering, Heiltsuk Nation’s case will take on the polluter (Kirby Corporation), B.C. and Canada, and help determine whose jurisdiction – and knowledge – counts most when it comes to protecting marine ecosystems in Heiltsuk territory.

Wednesday, July 14 at 6 pm, Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management’s Diana Chan joined Firelight Group’s Justin Chan to take us out onto the water in Heiltsuk territory with the team who are conducting an ambitious and unique Indigenous Environmental Impact Assessment in the Great Bear Sea. Learn about the blending of western science with Indigenous knowledge, and discover special shellfish stewardship practices.

Enjoy this recipe from Heiltsuk elder Marie Johnson!

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