VIDEO: Outspoken women warriors share from the heart

Last night on a RAVEN webinar, we heard the spirited stories, soulful songs and passionate teachings of Birdy Markert, Desirée Dawson and Helen Knott. Though we were each in our separate homes, seeing each other in our living rooms with fires lit and armchairs rocking to the sweet tunes  felt like having a visit with dear friends.  

Thank you Desirée, Birdy and Helen for your wisdom and for showing us all that — just like how you can hold an impromptu prayer ceremony in a Walmart parking lot —you can also conjure magic on the square little box of Zoom.  May the strength of this RAVEN circle rise to meet the strength of Indigenous land defenders as they step up to protect what’s truly important. And may the solidarity of gatherings like “Outspoken” support every single one of us and help us through these challenging times.

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