Become a RAVEN Volunteer

Are you looking for ways you can contribute to the movement for Indigenous sovereignty and environmental justice? Do you have time and/or unique skills that you want to bring to the movement?

RAVEN is always looking for volunteers to support our work. We welcome artists, researchers, writers, tech-savvy folks,  performers, people to run info tables, organise or help out at events, and really anyone that can lend a hand. If you have skills you don’t see on this list, we want to know — we love finding ways to involve you that are fun and interesting for you!


Sign up on our form below and give us details about yourself to help us connect you to a volunteer opportunity that is the right fit for you! For example, are you outgoing and social? You might love tabling at an event with us! Have technical skills to share? We're always looking to collaborate on projects. Or let us know if you have your own ideas about how you’d like to be involved — we want to hear them.


We may not reach out right away with a volunteer opportunity as we are slowly cultivating a catalogue of amazingly skilled RAVEN volunteers. We may call on you for a major event once a year, or maybe you’ll get a call when we need ongoing help with a project. We are so excited to welcome you into the RAVEN community and thank you for your patience!