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Generational giving, legacy, or planned giving, is when you leave a portion of your estate in your will to a charity.

Legacy giving is the ultimate gift from those who support RAVEN’s commitment to respect the rights of First Nations and the environment.

We honour and respect people who remember us in their will. RAVEN has been successful in stopping a major tar sands pipeline, protecting a sacred lake from open-pit mining, and in helping to restore habitat for endangered woodland caribou. With your help, the future of RAVEN’s work will be a legacy worth passing on to the generations that follow.


RAVEN’s work and campaigns have been sustained by incredible businesses who want to align their brand with solidarity and justice.

Involve your business, or find out how to get your fellow staff members on board.


To donate stocks to RAVEN, please send this form to your broker to fill out, and ask your broker to forward it to both RAVEN's Russ Elliot at russell@raventrust.com, and Credential Securities.


As a network, the 1% community has become a frontrunner in funding the work of environmental groups. Run a business or social enterprise? Visit the 1% website and choose RAVEN!

Donate Aeroplan Miles

RAVEN donors have given more than a million miles to help members of different Nations and their legal teams get to court to stand in defence of their land, water and traditional way of life.  And here’s a big bonus!  Every donation of miles is topped up 10% by the Beyond Miles team.

If you are collecting Aeroplan Miles, you can donate them online by clicking here.

"Your donations go a long way toward alleviating the costs borne by nations who are trying to protect Mother Earth for all of us.”

— Susan Smitten, RAVEN Executive Director

donate by mail

Mail to: RAVEN, 509-620 View Street Victoria, BC V8W 1J6, Canada. Cheques payable to RAVEN.


In Canada only: send transfer by email or phone.

donate by paypal

Secure, online giving: with or without a credit card.

donate online

Use your credit card to donate to RAVEN online.

Give Monthly: PAD

Donate monthly by pre-authorized debit.

ready to put the 'solid' in solidarity?


RAVEN provides all the materials you
need to host a speaker, show one of
our documentary films, or organize a
undraiser to bring your community
together and have fun!


Make a donation to support RAVEN
or to one of our campaigns. You can
join RAVEN’s Circle of Allies as a
monthly donor to make a reliable
commitment to recognizing rights.


We use the power of the crowd to raise
millions of dollars for Indigenous Rights.
Use our easy crowdfunding platform to
tell a story, engage your friends and
family, and contribute meaningfully to
Indigenous justice.