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We are UnFrackable – Webinar Series

RAVEN and the Council of Canadians joined forces to present a three-part webinar series focussed on national resistance to LNG – aka fracked gas.

The narrative peddled by government and industry is that LNG is “ethical”, “environmental”, and “economic”. We brought together fantastic expert guests and frontline activists to debunk that myth, while connecting the dots of resistance from coast to coast to coast.


Let’s share strategic approaches – from supporting Indigenous legal challenges to divestment and de-funding campaigns – and build an unbreakable alliance of action.




VIDEO – We Are Unfrackable – episode 3 with Robin Tress and Kukuwes Wowkis

During our third episode of the “We are Un-Frackable” series, we heard from two powerful women at the forefront in the fight to stop fracking: Kukuwes Wowkis, Mi’kmaq water protector and grandmother from Unama’ki (Cape Breton) and Robin Tress of the Council of Canadians, a climate justice campaigner and anti-fracking organizer. With attendees from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland, the We Are Un-frackable conversations have connected us from coast to coast in a shared commitment for a healthy environment and a frack-free future.  If you missed this inspiring conversation, you can watch it here: Robin shared the primary concern of many community members who face fracking impacts: water. “Because once the chemicals from fracking get into the water, we can never...
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VIDEO: Webinar 2 Creativity, Tenacity and Community: The Key Ingredients Behind Legal Challenges for Climate Justice

During the second episode of the “We are Un-Frackable” webinar series, we delved deep into conversation that not only unpacked the legal strategy behind cases that will challenge the status quo on climate action, but we also learned about the hearts and hopes behind these legal pursuits for justice.  We were joined by Richard Overstall, a lawyer based in Penticton, British Columbia who began work with the Gitxsan and Wet’suwet’en peoples in the 1980s. He helped coordinate the scientific evidence in the Delgamuukw trial, and advised on the subsequent settlement and treaty negotiations, particularly in the areas of forest and land use. We were also joined by youth climate justice organizer and musician, Kiran Oommen, one of the 21 youth...
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VIDEO: We Are Un-Frackable  – Webinar 1 With Adam Gagnon and Mike Sawyer

We learned a lot from our amazing guests on Friday’s “We Are UnFrackable” webinar. If you were able to join us, thank you for listening and sharing. If you missed hearing Wet’suwet’en hereditary chief Dsta’Hyl (Adam Gagnon) and Citizens’ Oil and Gas Council ED Michael Sawyer, you can watch a recording of the webinar here:  On the call, Chief Dsta’Hyl  outlines a legal path forward for his people that involves pushing a groundbreaking climate challenge through the courts. The case has the potential to force any new project — be it fracked gas, mining, or tar sands — to be evaluated according to its climate impacts as part of the regulatory review process, even for projects that already have a permit. If...
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