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We are Unfrackable

Resources for Unfrackables

Council of Canadians has an awesome toolkit on organizing against fracking: https://canadians.org/sites/default/files/publications/fracking-toolkit.pdf

Also, you can organize fundraisers for Wet’suwet’en legal defense online here: https://raventrust.com/wetsuweten  Toolkit: https://raventrust.com/fundraise-for-wetsuweten-justice/

Green New Deal and Just Recovery

Check out this documentary on Netflix. Called ‘There’s Something in the Water’, it tells the story of 3 different fights against environmental racism in Nova Scotia, one of them being Alton Gas.

Here is a 10 minute documentary by SubMedia about the struggle to stop Alton Gas featuring Kukuwes Wowkis and other water protectors.

Here is the Grassroots Grandmothers fundraiser for their ongoing court case against Alton Gas.

Kalama Methanol Refinery: https://earthjustice.org/features/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-world-s-largest-gas-to-methanol-facility

My Sea to Sky on the Woodfibre LNG project: https://www.myseatosky.org/stop-woodfibre-lng

Pipeline through Hamilton is being built by Enbridge: more info on resistance available via Ontario Clean Air Alliance.


Stay tuned for more links and resources!

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Please check out the podcast “RAVEN (De)Briefs” – focussed on legal action in support of Indigenous rights and environmental protection, Season One zooms in on the Wet’suwet’en struggle to resist Coastal Gas Link. 


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