Webinar Recap: For the Breathing Lands: an Inside look at Treaty 9 Nations’ groundbreaking court case.

In advance of a week of demonstrations, dinners, and a rally in Toronto led by a group of Indigenous Nations who have come together to form the Land Defence Alliance (LDA), RAVEN hosted a deep dive webinar with lead lawyers on the Breathing Lands legal challenge. 

What are the Breathing Lands?

“Protect the Breathing Lands” is a RAVEN supported campaign that sees a coalition of ten Treaty 9 First Nations aiming to restore Indigenous governance over the vast carbon-storing peatlands of northern Ontario. While the Breathing Lands campaign ramps up, two of the First Nations from the campaign are also making strategic moves as a part of the LDA. 

Who is the Land Defence Alliance?

The LDA is a collaboration of First Nations who have signed a mutual cooperation agreement with the intention to stop the unwanted encroachments of settler government and unchecked industry on their territories.

From Sept 26-28 hundreds of Indigenous people from northern Ontario will be traveling to Toronto as representatives of the LDA, where they are asking for the Ontario government to respect and uphold Indigenous rights. 

Webinar Recap

Although the Breathing Lands campaign and the Land Defence Alliance are two separate groups, both initiatives share the same concerns – Ontario’s and Canada’s settler governments have run roughshod over Indigenous territories for long enough. Check out this webinar to learn more about the Breathing Lands legal challenge from lead lawyers Kate Kempton and Tara McDonald. 

Throughout a caringly guided conversation led by RAVEN’s Levin Chamberlain, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the Breathing Lands legal challenge and its importance for Treaty 9 Nations and for all people. 

With an impassioned opening from Kate Kemption, who asserted “we are taking down colonialism,” the audience knew from the outset that they weren’t going to be spoon fed niceties about the realities of the colonial court system. 

Within the hour, Kate and Tara gave an overview of the Breathing Lands case while also laying out some clear calls to action for attendees. 

With an incredible legal team and Nations dedicated to preparing arguments and gathering evidence towards a favourable outcome, this monumental case has the potential to change the way treaties are interpreted across Canada. 

Watch the video to find out more or donate to the Breathing Lands legal challenge here. 

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