Weekly News Roundup (Sept 1 – Sept 8): News you may have missed this week

Here’s our Weekly News Round up for September 1 to 9th!

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As the summer starts to wind down, wildfires continue to burn across the country, and as many communities are still facing evacuations and emergencies, some are starting to look towards the lasting impacts on the land and ecosystems in the wake of the fires that have burned through their territories. 

Beyond the obvious destruction from the wildfires this summer, CBC talked to James Moore, biology professor at Simon Fraser University and lead on the Salmon Watershed Lab, to look at what other changes are coming from the wildfires. Moore is looking at how the fires will impact the rivers and salmon habitats in the coming months. 

“[Moore] said there is a need for government and First Nations leadership to talk about wildfire and forestry management to protect watersheds.”

— Jackie McKay, CBC

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The Narwhal: A company was forced to reduce logging in Haida Gwaii’s old-growth forests. Now they’re suing for $75M

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CBC: Beyond two-spirit: Indigenous people look to revive traditional LGBTQ terms

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