Weekly News Roundup (Sept 22 – 29): News you may have missed this week

Here’s our Weekly News Round up for September 22 to 29th!

We are using our blog and social media to amplify media outlets and journalists who are being censored by Bill C-18 in Canada. 

This week, Indigenous Nations and their supporters took to the streets of Toronto to say no to mining on their territory without consent or consultation. They invited Premier Doug Ford to meet with them on September 26th to discuss the issue, but he did not appear.  

“There are about 5,000 mining claims in our traditional territory alone, and we weren’t told properly and actually they were given permission without any free, prior and informed consent from us — so we’re not very happy about that,” says Chief Rudy Turtle of Grassy Narrows First Nations (from cbc)

A week prior, Ford rescinded his plans to develop the Greenbelt, apologizing to the Ontario community for breaking their trust. 

On the same day as the Sept 26 demonstration in Toronto, here on the west coast, the BC Supreme Court announced their decision on Gitxaała Nation’s groundbreaking legal challenge, a ruling that has deemed that the province’s mining permit system is not in compliance with the government’s duty to consult Indigenous groups.

“The court’s decision makes clear what we knew all along: B.C. owes a duty to consult Gitxaała and other Indigenous nations prior to granting mineral claims in our territories, and it is breaching that duty,” Gitxaała Chief Councillor Linda Innes said in a statement.

Tomorrow is Orange Shirt Day and we encourage you to listen, learn and engage in events happening in your community. We have put together a list of events on our website, happening in communities across the country for you to consider attending, as well as a list of resources for education.  

Indigenous people continue to assert their rights and laws amidst ongoing colonialism. We encourage you to take the time to learn about Canada’s history, and support Nations who are stewarding a way of being that ensures caretaking practices for the betterment of the Earth and future generations.

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