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To make mining operations work, they will have to kill Fish Lake
By Peter Zimonjic

Fish Lake, BC – It’s shortly after sunrise and the air over Fish Lake is cold, crisp and still.  The eastern faces of the Taseko mountains at the south end of the valley are just beginning to reflect the soft morning light.  Wild trout jump through the glassy surface of the water, disrupting the jagged reflection, begging to be pulled into a campfire breakfast by the First Nations who have gathered here to honour the land they have lived on for more than 5,000 years.

Cecil Grinder, a Chilcotin shaman, healer and spiritual guide who calls this land sacred, says that to touch the water in the lake is to touch the womb of the creator. Whether or not one is spiritual, it’s difficult to argue the sentiment when faced with the simple striking beauty of this wilderness vista.

“If we destroy this water, if we contaminate this water, we are killing a living thing. It would be like me stabbing you in the heart.”

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