You just bought a pipeline

If you’re a Canadian taxpayer, congratulations: you just bought a pipeline.

In an announcement today, Finance Minister Bill Moreau delivered the shocking news that the federal government will spend at least $4.5 billion to bailout oil giant Kinder Morgan. It’s a stunning ripoff for Canadians — today, and for generations to come. 

The hypocrisy of a climate leader government buying its own pipeline is astounding as is the financial risk they just laid on all Canadian taxpayers. And perhaps more egregiously, this all took place while the question of whether approval of the pipeline was un-constitutional remains before the courts.

We know how hard you’ve worked: Hearing this morning’s news, you’re likely outraged, shocked, and more resolved than ever to fight on. 

While arbitrary deadlines and last minute bailouts are commanding attention in the great drama being played out around Kinder Morgan, you should know that no matter what the feds proclaim, this project still faces the obstacle of many Indigenous legal challenges. 

Somehow, the oleaginous substance that greases the wheels of petro-politics seems to have clouded the ‘sunny ways’ of this government.

As a member of the Pull Together community, you understand that the real strategic investment is in upholding Constitutional rights and standing with Indigenous Peoples. Thousands of you have donated, organized, and hit the streets to generate support for Pull Together. Your work has not and will not be in vain.

Remember Kinder Morgan’s refusal to arrest Grand Chief Stewart Phillip and leaders of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs the day before the company announced its May 31 deadline? That spoke volumes about the moral high ground Indigenous Peoples stand upon, and the powerful effect your witnessing and support is having.  

While the chips may be down today, we know that the long game we’re playing will deliver justice.

Meanwhile: stay tuneddonate to support legal challenges that are still our last, best hope to stop the pipeline. 

ps  Indigenous legal challenges form the backbone in a string of strong cases against Kinder Morgan that are still being decided upon in Federal Court. Donate now. 

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